Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

What the hell? Hell to the yes! Avril Lavigne to perform at the 2011 MMVAs!

We saw her booty the first time by mistake. Then we saw her booty again on purpose. Well, we’ve been waiting for our favourite pop punk princess and her booty to make their return to the MMVA stage and today our prayers have been answered! Napanee, Ontario’s very own Avril Lavigne is going to be hitting the stage on June 19 and reminding everyone that girls can rock just as hard as guys.

Winner of a whopping SEVEN MuchMusic Video Awards, Lavigne is nominated this year for UR Fave Artist and International Video Of The Year By A Canadian. With her fourth album Goodbye Lullaby dropping earlier this spring, Lavigne has been everywhere from New York to Shanghai, bringing down concert halls with her personal lyrics and electrifying voice. We can’t wait to see Avril rock the casbah at the 2011 MMVAs!

so, what should we do guys???? Vote our mother fucking princess here ==> http://mmva.muchmusic.com/nominees/  (don't forget guys, she has got 2 nominates!!)

Source : http://mmva.muchmusic.com/what-the-hell-hell-to-the-yes-avril-lavigne-to-perform-at-the-2011-mmvas/

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